What can social reach daily do for
your social ministry?

Empower your members to become inviters by
encouraging them to share your posts with their friends

With better content and higher engagement
your Facebook page will be seen more

Cost effective- less than $1 per day
for image, design and posting

Get your church active in the social space

Simplify your life – we create all the designs and post them for you

Inspires, encourages and engages current
and future church members

Helps spread the Gospel in a hurting world
the quickest form of word of mouth

With posts tailored to your ministry’s style
you can represent your ministry on social media

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Involve your members with
Social Reach Daily

When you sign up for Social Reach Daily, you receive a Digital Startup Kit that guides you on how to involve your members:

  • Pre-service script: a script template to help you announce the new social media service and how to instantly get your members involved
  • Email template: a drafted email template to send out to your congregation giving them simple steps to get involved with the church’s new social media posts.
  • Jumpstart Guide: a simple one-page how-to guide to best maximize Social Reach Daily
  • Training Video: a quick two minute to help you engage and equip your members
  • Pre-service PowerPoint Slides: simple slides to insert into your pre-service presentation during announcements

Sign Up Is Easy!
Takes less than 5 minutes.

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