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How does Social Reach Daily help my church do outreach?

Social Reach Daily helps your church do outreach in several ways. First it provides your church members a post to share with all of their friends. Those posts can lead to conversations and even invitations to come to church. The second way is that it keeps your church’s Facebook page fresh with content for those who are wanting to learn about your church before attending.

How does Social Reach Daily help my church do better assimilation?

If you encourage your church members to like your church’s Facebook page and then like and share your Social Reach Daily posts, they will begin seeing all of your church’s Facebook posts in their feeds. This means they will be reminded of your church every day and will see the activities and events you are posting on your Facebook page.

How can I get the greatest increase in engagement using Social Reach Daily?

  1. Make sure your Facebook page has all the contact information for your church filled out with your logo as the profile picture and an inviting image for your cover photo.
  2. Appoint a leader to gather a group of active social media users at your church to spearhead the effort to share and comment on the daily posts.
  3. Share a vision with your church congregation for how they can use the daily posts to share with their friends.
  4. Take advantage of the increased engagement with your social media and the improved visibility Facebook will give your page because of it. Put up your own posts featuring the many activities of your church.

Do I really need a subscription for social media posts?

There are more people on social media than there are in the entire country of China. If you’re not engaging with the digital world, you are missing a vital mission ground and a huge opportunity to reach, engage and invite people to hear the Good News! But we get it, you’re busy handling the day-to-day demands of your church. Social Reach Daily covers that for you, keeping your Facebook page active — which in turn boosts your “rating” with Facebook, allowing your posts to reach more people and start more conversations. And now, more than ever, seekers are looking at your Facebook page before even deciding to step through your church's front door. A sparse social media presence will deter many people from giving you a second look.

Our church doesn’t have a Facebook page. Will Outreach create and manage one for me?

Unfortunately we cannot build or manage your church’s Facebook page. Directions on how to build a page for your church can be found here.

I’m not an admin on my church’s Facebook page, can I still sign up for Social Reach Daily?

In order for Social Reach Daily to be able to post on your church’s behalf, we will need to be allowed access to post by your admin. (This happens during the signup process.) Contact the person at your church who handles your social media to have them provide you access as an admin, or ask them to sign in to your Social Reach Daily account and provide their approval directly. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

I just signed up for Social Reach Daily — when will I see my first post?

Your first post will appear immediately after you connect your church's Facebook page.

How often will content be posted from Outreach’s Social Reach Daily?

Content will be posted once every day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year (unless you cancel your subscription). Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving posts will also be included.

Can we still post our own photos, content, events, etc. on Facebook while running a Social Reach Daily subscription?

Absolutely! You are free to continue posting content on your page — in fact, we greatly encourage it! Outreach will only be posting once per day on your page.

Will I have the same posts as other churches near me?

Posts are randomized, so it is very unlikely that the same image would be posted on the same day by churches near one another. We are adding over 100 designs a month that will make sure posts are unique.

We observe the Sabbath on Saturday. Will there be memes for Saturday church services?

We avoid using “Sunday” or “Saturday” in our content; instead we use the word “weekend”. (Example: “Hope to see you at church this weekend!”)

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

There is no contract. You may cancel at any time and you will not be billed again. Please keep in mind that we do not offer refunds for the unused portion of the month. To cancel, login to your account and select “Cancel Subscription”.

Can Social Reach Daily post to other social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram)?

No, it is for Facebook only but you are welcome to save the image after it posts and post it on other social media platforms manually.

Can I choose my daily posts?

To save you time, ensure daily posts and make the service automated it is not possible to choose individual posts. You can however tailor the types of posts you want. For example you can choose to only have scripture posts. We also have an algorithm to optimize your posts to match the season and day of the week. Any post can be removed by you with a click of a button.

Can you add a watermark/logo to the posts?

No, not at this time. This may be a future option. Every post comes from your church’s Facebook page with your church’s name in the text. When posts are shared by your church members your church’s name is included in the share.

What if I want to add a comment/text after my graphic posts (not edit the graphic)?

You can edit a post on Facebook in the top right corner of the post there is an arrow, when you click on it you will see the option to edit and this is where you can add text to the Facebook post.

Can I preview the posts before they post to my church’s Facebook?

To save you time and increase engagement on your Facebook page, the posts are automated. You can not preview, but you can change the text once the post appears or you can choose to delete a post.

Are the posts coming from Social Reach Daily or our Facebook page?

The posts are coming from your church’s Facebook page. During the signup process you give Social Reach Daily permission to post on your behalf, but give no other permissions or controls of your Facebook page.

What if I don't like one of the posts?

No problem, you can easily delete the post. If you go to the post on your church’s Facebook page, click the grey down arrow. There will be an option to “Delete from Page”.

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