How it works

Social Reach Daily makes social media outreach easy and affordable for your church, ministry or organization. Through daily, automated Facebook posts you will increase your likes and shares to reach new people!

Daily, Managed Facebook Posts

For just $19.95 a month, you’ll receive engaging, shareable content posted directly to your church’s Facebook page once a day, 365 days a year. The best part? You don’t have to manage it! Once you sign up, posting is completely automated, making it a hassle-free way to keep your Facebook page filled with fresh, shareable content. And, each post is completely unique—no repeats!

New Feature

One size doesn’t fit all on social media so we have created categories of different types of posts for you to mix and match that best represent your social media ministry.

Churches, schools, organizations and ministries… we have categories and posts for each of you.

You can pick one category or you can pick several. It is totally up to you. Does your church want scripture only posts? No problem, only select the “Scriptural” category. Or do you want a mix of it all? Select all the categories.

Are you a women’s ministry or blogger? We have a category that is designed for you to include content and graphics that are tailored to appeal to your audiences (women).

Personalize Your Experience

Mix & match styles of posts that represent your social media ministry.


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Get Started & Involve Your Congregation (Digital Start-up Kit):

  • Social Media Best Practices Guide for churches
  • Jump Start How-To Guide to make the most of the Social Reach Daily service
  • A training video to help you take full advantage of your subscription
  • Script outline for an announcement at service
  • PowerPoint slides to share with congregation
  • Email outline to send to your congregation

How do we post to our Facebook Page?

With a simple click of a button you give us posting permission. The Social Reach Daily system will then automatically post to your church’s Facebook Page. It is simply an API permission, allowing the system to post Social Reach Daily content. We do not ask for your login info, nor will we have any other access to your church’s Facebook page. You can continue to do your own posts, but will know every day a post is happening that will increase engagement on your page.

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